JHG Enterprises Exciting Travel Opportunities

Team members agree hands-down, one of the most rewarding parts of working for JHG Enterprises is the travel benefits! Whether being sent to a training session to increase their innovative marketing knowledge or taking a trip as a reward for the incredibly hard work completed, the events that this industry affords cannot be beaten. One Manager commented, “I can’t believe the places that we get to visit! We get the opportunity to partake in events that allow an increase in knowledge and the chance to meet incredible top Trainers in this industry.”

Keys to Success Conference

Once per quarter, this exclusive event is held in Dallas, TX, pooling the best and the brightest in the industry for training sessions and networking opportunities. Those who attend must be nominated by their Manager, and have demonstrated great determination and hard work in their career aspirations. The knowledge and meetings afforded to these attendees are invaluable, and necessary addition to any aspiring entrepreneur’s career as a leader in business.

Top Trainers Meeting

Held in conjunction with the Keys to Success Conference, the Top Trainers Meeting is invitation-only, and attended by those individuals who have shown exceptional dedication to career advancement. Delegates are treated to inspiring sessions and talks with top CEOs and Managers in the industry, gaining tips and motivation not available to everyone.

New CEO Business Meeting

New CEOs are given fantastic training that prepares them to manage their new businesses. The meeting agenda tackles topics such as team Trainership, business law, operational management, human resources, and recruiting.

R&R Managers Retreat

Assistant Managers, Managers, and company CEOs are treated to a four-day R&R Trainership Weekend Retreat once a year. This weekend retreat is held in a luxurious resort location, giving attendees that needed getaway after a year of hard work. The ambitious team members who are afforded this opportunity gain the chance to eat, drink, and be merry among their successful peers. Concluding the weekend is an Awards Ceremony which honors the most successful of this exceptional group.